Services Offered

Men’s Cuts & Styles,  $20

A man’s hair is as individual as the man himself. At Collective Cuts we take pride in getting to know each client. With knowledge of a man’s personality, profession and hobbies we’re able to work with him to decide on the best look for him as an individual. Whether the haircut is a classic fade, pompadour, taper, temp & taper, undercut, hard part, ivy league, high and tight or something else entirely, we ensure that each and every customer has a hair style all his own.

Line-ups,  $5

As we get to know our clients and their tastes, we’re able to offer line-ups to keep the discerning man’s unique style as fresh as the day he stepped out of our shop. A line-up service is fast, inexpensive and absolutely the best way to ensure that your haircut looks its best in between full cuts.

Hot Lather Shaves,  $25

The hot lather shave is the definition of classic service. This traditional barber shop offering has become rare in recent years and we look forward to providing it to discerning men.

A traditional hot lather shave consists of several steps. First, the skin is prepared with protective oils and then lathered with hot shaving cream. Next, a straight razor is used to shave with the grain; after another application of hot lather, a straight razor is again used to shave against the grain. We use a cool towel to soothe the skin and finally apply aftershave balm for moisture and protection.

The classic hot lather shave is something that every man should experience at least once in his life!

Designs,  $8

Abstract art, a favorite logo, a symbol with personal meaning, a display of team pride or anything else you can imagine: we can help you take your individuality to the next level with a unique hair design. A shaved design looks great with a variety of men’s haircuts – the undercut, the fade, the classic taper and more. Bring us your idea and we’ll talk about making it happen.

Beard Trims,  $8

Unless you’re a member of a globally renowned, blues-inspired rock band, keeping your facial hair well-maintained should be a high priority: and even those so inspired will want to try this service. The secret to growing and maintaining a beard is in trimming. While that may seem counter-intuitive, a little bit of proper pruning during the initial growth process can make all the difference. Once the beard has reached the desired length and thickness, regular maintenance will help ensure that it remains an attractive, accentual component of your individual style.

Moustache Trims,  $5

Whether handlebar, horseshoe, imperial, chevron, walrus or something else entirely, your moustache is as integral to your personal style as your haircut: we’re happy to make sure that it’s just as unique. Proper maintenance of your moustache helps to ensure that it tells the story of a modern man who cares about his appearance and isn’t afraid to show it.

Children’s Cuts & Styles,  $15

Never underestimate the importance of teaching children from a young age. Instilling a sense of personal pride and grooming in a young man teaches him to care for his appearance as he grows older: it helps to ensure that a young man becomes a young gentleman.  We’d love if you let us help you encourage those often-lost virtues on your young gentleman.

We offer all the same haircuts and other services for our younger customers as we do for adults: we’re happy to help your young gentleman develop his own unique style.

The History of Us


From a young age, Agan Eminagic paid attention to his hair and personal grooming: he felt that his outward appearance reflected the inward man, and he wanted to put his best foot forward. Over time, he began to realize that he could help other men to show their best as well: now he can do so full-time.

Michelle Lynn has been fascinated by women’s and men’s hairstyles for as long as she can remember. She’s always enjoyed helping others to look their best, and doing so professionally just made sense to her. Helping to run the shop – and her own chair in it – is the perfect outlet for her creativity.

Quality service is always in style.

As Agan looked around, he realized that he could fill a niche that is often sorely lacking in today’s society: personal service, delivered with the ethics of a bygone era, at an affordable price. Even better, he realized that he’d be happy doing so. With that goal in mind, he entered school to become a professional barber. Gradually, he came to realize that he wanted to do even more.

When he spoke to long-time friend Michelle about the rewards of delivering quality, personal service and the frustrations sometimes encountered providing service within a framework someone else devised, the idea of Collective Cuts – of their own barbershop – was born.

Quality service is for everyone.


Having finished barber school with accolades, Michelle now works alongside her old friend, helping their mutual dream come to life. The first steps have been taken: Agan is fully licensed and their shop has been in successful operation for one year. They’re working together to continue to forge plans and continued growth for the business, and steadily achieving their dream.

The goal shared by Agan and Michelle is simple: to create a welcoming environment for the modern gentleman, to provide high quality modern haircuts and other services at an affordable price, and to help their clients to look their absolute best.

Enjoy the Experience

We’re delighted to offer our clients a complimentary beverage during their visit. There is nothing better than unwinding with good friends and a cold drink in a comfortable space.

Enjoy a classic beer, a unique microbrew, exclusive local coffee from Brew Crumberland’s Best or simply a cold bottle of water while you relax in our shop. Stay as long as you like: let us give you a home away from home.

Classic service, modern style.

The premier barbershop in Mechancisburg, located on historic West Main steet. We provide high-quality, modern men’s haircut’s in a comfortable atmosphere.